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The 2003 D.R. Sharpe Lectures on Social Ethics

October 21-23, 2003

Humanity before God:
Contemporary Faces of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Ethics


On October 21-23, the Divinity School brings together a group of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic scholars—philosophers, theologians, ethicists and legal thinkers—for the 2003 D.R. Sharpe Lectures entitled “Humanity before God: Contemporary Faces of Jewish, Christian, and Islamic Ethics.” The purpose of the 2003 D.R. Sharpe Lectures is to examine anew the shared ways in which the three monotheistic faiths in the Abrahamic tradition conceive the idea of humanity before God, and how each contributes to contemporary understandings of fundamental claims about the inalienable sanctity and dignity of human life. The conference as a whole has invited papers that reflect on and explore three dimensions of the complex idea of human life in connection to the image of God motif in Genesis or the theme of viceregency in the Qur’an: (1) the distinctiveness of human being; (2) natural and embodied life; and (3) the social, political, and cultural dimensions of life. The conference will feature a keynote address by Hilary Putnam, Cogan University Professor (Emeritus) at Harvard University, a closing keynote address by Seyyed Hossein Nasr, University Professor at George Washington University, and lectures by prominent Jewish, Islamic, and Christian scholars.


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